Ebro - Drums
M. Ryan - Guitar
Song - Bass
Weeks - Guitar/Vocals

c/o Council Records
P.O. Box 220691
Chicago, IL 60622

2000 - 2003 [Chicago, IL]

The genesis of Calvary can be traced back a dingy, over-priced coffin of a practice space on Lake Street in Chicago, Illinois, sometime in the late summer of 2000. Emerging from the smoldering ashes of Dearborn S.S, D. Song, J. Rice and M. Weeks had already begun speaking of their next musical endeavor. Soon after, M. Ryan was secured on guitar as the final member of the quartet. Practice began in haste and has since continued, halted only briefly by summer vacations, shattered lives and career pursuits. As the Spring of 2001 descended upon the unwary, Calvary, happily entrenched themselves in a 5' 6" tall basement somewhere on N. Artesian...

Over the next 8 months Calvary was rarely seen in public as they finished writing and recording what will soon become there debut full length release. To date they have recorded a seven song demo and played a handful of lives shows (with Yaphet Kotto, Volume 11, Milemarker and Black White Man Dead Man), and released a 12 song full length LP recorded with Greg Norman. A brief tour of the west coast was undertaken in the Summer of 2002 with The Shivering and Yaphet Kotto and an even briefer tour occured on the east coast the following Spring.

Rice departed ways with Calvary shortly after the Summer of 2002 to pursue graduate studies. Ebro (yes, Ebro) stepped in to fill the drumseat and is slowly adjusted himself to our world. Calvary eventually recorded a 3 song EP with Chris Poulin in the beginning of February 2003.

So ends the story. There are unions to organize, faces to punch and homes to reclaim. Salute!