Eddie Petrol - Bass
Phillip 666 - Guitar
Guy Octane - Guitar
Johnny Unleaded - Drums


1994 - 1996 [Fayetteville, AR]

Full Service Quartet was started by Phillip 666, Guy Octane, and Johnny Unleaded in the late summer of 1994 in Fayetteville, Arkansas. The lineup was completed when Eddie Petrol followed his fellow Little Rock expatriates into the Ozark hills. The first show was at a little pavilion in a park with friends Thumbnail after only a few practices as a band. Practices continued in Johnny's bedroom at extreme volume and more shows followed; at a university ballroom, skate park, high school gym, coffeehouse, and living rooms. In late December the band joined Thumbnail on a quick tour of the east and upper Midwest, driving straight from Little Rock to Washington DC and arriving on a ridiculously cold winter day. After staying with some friends in Arlington, FSQ spent many hours lost trying to meet up with Thumbnail at a secret location in Maryland, only then discovering that the Philadelphia New Year's Eve show was not happening due to some misunderstandings. So after trying to set something up in north New Jersey they set off for Tom's River, NJ (the site of the New Year's Day show), and celebrated the cycling of the calendar in a huge house with lots of extremely nice individuals. After visiting the beach, a show finally occurred on the evening of New Year's Day. This was followed by shows in Kent and Columbus, Ohio, and Dearborn, Michigan. We parted ways with Thumbnail, who subsequently totaled their van after sliding on ice on a Michigan freeway (thankfully no one was seriously hurt), and headed back to a glorious show in Little Rock, Arkansas. The Q really hit their stride at this point. More shows followed in Fayetteville and the recording of eleven songs, all of which were released on vinyl, thanks to the likes of Weeks, Werth and Buford. In May of 1995 the Quartet parted ways. To the delight of the masses, they reunited on a few occasions in Little Rock, when all four individuals were in the same place at the same time (generally the holiday seasons), playing their final show in January 1996. To my knowledge the members of FSQ have continued to play music in varying capacities, though publicly available recorded documentation is scarce, except for Hundred Years War, who have put out a few records.

The history of the Q
as best remembered by Dober