[Bombs Lullabye]



1996 [Kalamazoo, MI]

In the event that I do not succeed at anything, please, throw my body in a ditch and destroy my fingerprints, pulverize my teeth, erase every trace of my existence...let me succeed at death: let me become whole and forgotten...

it feels strange to be writing this before our last show, which is also our first show. this experience was so precious to me. this band to me was much more than music, almost every practice we had, has a great effect on me as the most inspirational outlet, be it music, literature...being a part of this band was for many reasons out of selfishness - what i mean by selfishness, is i needed to write and scream for me and also for the love of ben, karl and joe. in a sense i will feel really strange "performing" something so personal, for people, especially knowing that some people will never understand what this band is. one of the best pieces of wisdom my father ever gave me was dealing with the issue of friends, he said you are very fortunate if in your life you have 1 or 2 close friends. that is someone you can trust and depend on always. i'm the fortunate one. this band was a close friend. when this is all over i will be losing a close friend... - Jim

Our temporary connection. I believe in the power of friendship, of music, the power of the moment to bring joy, to bring pain, exhaustion, exultation, contemplation. This record of our effort is the manifestation of individual growth, the outcome of collective desire, our willingness to seek out what comes from within. - Karl

half past a week til death takes a life i live to leave. death is beautiful mystery, though it's the dying that carries sadness. and then fleeting moments of beauty where love lives in bombs are dispersed into ears and eyes. (my heart and mind) echoes of my life from these songs have kept me awake at night with the hope, care, friendship and love that jim, joe and karl give to me. i love you friends with no conditions. and our music will never leave me in what lies ahead... - Ben

sum of my friends feel like there is dying among a time of living because we crawl beneath the shadow of eventuality and its hard to swallow life when we must look forward to death but i feel so much alive because this moment of existence my heart is breaking all ways and this lullabye sang into me some life among my dying and all though physically it will end soon it will remain in my spirit always Ben Karl Jim i love you and i love this lullabye song will never die. - Joe