Spencer - Bass/Vocals
Brian - Guitar
Mark - Guitar
Paul - Drums

The Shivering
P.O. Box 1011
Burlingame, CA 94011

2000 - Present [San Francisco, CA]

The Shivering officially began in early 2000 when Brian, Paul and I began playing together in a crammed Tenderloin practice space. A previous incarnation of the band had existed before Brian's arrival under a different name and with another guitar player, but it was only with the addition of Brian (and the later subtraction of the said guitar player) that "The Shivering" fully came to form.

We played our first show as The Shivering in August of 2000 at Mission Records in San Francisco. From that point on, we began playing sporadically in the Bay Area with other local bands like Funeral Diner and Yaphet Kotto with consistent venues being Mission Records and Sean Mooney's house in Oakland (RIP).

In June 2001, the split LP with Funeral Diner was released (despite a large amount of hassle in mastering the record) and we continued to play shows and write new songs in a somewhat sluggish manor. Then, in September, we recorded another three songs at House of Faith for an EP on Council Records titled "Wires of Storm and Song." The record was released around March, 2002.

When summer finally came in 2002, several notable events transpired: our friend Mark Dober was added on second guitar, and in late June, a new set of songs were recorded at Tiny Telephone with Aaron Prellwitz. Soon after the recording, Brian temporarily relocated to Las Vegas only to return a month later as we embarked on a 12-day westcoast tour with Calvary in August, 2002.

And so it goes..."history" (still) remains incomplete.

Spencer Rangitsch
August, 2002